What is with Lawler?

Lawler is one of my favorites, but i think his main problem is that he gets too emotionally charged for his fights.

The very same second that Tanner tapped him, he helps him up like he was just happy that the adrenaline rush and anticipation of the fight was over. He gets too emotionally charged for this shit, he seems to have the Belfort syndrome. Seems to me like a mental case

Its unfortunate because i think that he would have murdered Tanner if he had kept it on the feet. Tanner has a big head and jaw for a target, a glass jaw as well, and Lawler hits very hard.

When i saw this fight signed, i thought that Evan Tanner may very well develope a speech impediment after this one

Agreed that MFS should have developed a better game plan.

MFS has awesome training. Perhaps they need to look at things like Team Quest and prepare more of a fight plan?

Just thoughts.

lol @ glass jaw,one ko in over 30 fights

You don't need to be KOed to have a glass jaw, he gets hit and he does the fish dance, he has a glass jaw


tanner haters are idiots


yeah i saw the Baroni fights

-the first one Phil was murdering him and they checked for a cut saving his ass

-the second one i give props to Evan for surviving Phil's onslaught but he looked sloppy as hell, Evan was doing full 360's it was hilarious! he was spinning around throwing sloppy garbage, playing it safe going in and out (and in all fairness Phil didn't look himself that night)

anyhow Tanners standup isn't his strongpoint and everyone knows it so don't try and argue that, his strength is the position he gets guys in to finish them with elbows on the ground, it always has been his strongpoint along with some subs

everytime he gets into it with a standup guy, win or lose he has had a nightmare of a fight, so it sounds stupid on YOUR part pal to say that Lawler feared his standup

please dont try and "sharpen" me your the one who doesnt know what hes talking about

I am in no way a hater of any fighter, i tell it as i see it

Awesome!!! Curtis Coleman trains my kid! He was Mo Smith's training partner for YEARS.....AND, he has been a sparing partner for lots of pro boxers and has trained pro boxers for years, he is awesome!

I agree, Robbie took Evan down as he had no answer for Evan's standup, he knew he couldn't beat Evan standing (just my thoughts anyway)

GREAT fight Evan!!!

how was baroni murdering evan when he had phil mounted AFTER delivering many unanswere knees ont he stand up

evan 2

phil 0

I said Phil WAS murdering Evan, i am well aware that Tanner won, but unanswered knees? is that how your defending Evan? he clinched Phil and threw some knees to the body and Phil did indeed answer with punches and prior to that rocked Tanner several times to the point that the ref had to step in and let the doctor check him out

i am not favoring anyone, i am replaying what happened

the ref stopped it for doctor,sdoctor said coninue,evan eon

no matter how you look at it ,evan wins

ok, impossible talking to you, i am aware that evan won for the tenth time, the point is he has a weak chin and striking isn't his thing

he out struck your bad ass phil baroni. lawler couldnt do shit to him standing,no one ever has Koed him via strikes.where do you get your ideas?

Rich Franklin?

tko,tanner was never,ever near to being Ko'ed.

rickoshay, is Curtis Coleman a middle aged (well, close to anyways...) white guy? maybe in Canada?

Tanner fights smart so he doesnt get KO'ed but when he takes a shot he starts wobbling all over,tanner does have a glass jaw but he never stands and trades with people so it doesnt matter has much.

Evan outstruck both Baroni (in the second fight) and Lawler. By steakknife's logic, Baroni and Lawlers standup must be terrible.

WestCoast- that is true, but how do you explain the fact that your boy Baroni has been outstruck by both Lindland and Tanner, sad isnt it??