What is World Combat League?

Just turned tv on and see this is on. Description says "Mixed Martial Arts" but they have on boxing gloves and are fighting on mats...

What are the rules? This isn't MMA...


no leg kicks? wtf...

Any recognizable names fighting on here tonight?

Pool floaties!

World Combat League is the fighting org that Chuck Norris started a while back.  No, I'm not kidding.

Basically, it's the same full-contact rules that Chuck competed with way back in the day, combined with the IFL's team-based fight meet concept.  Here are the rules:  http://www.worldcombatleague.com/rules.html


Just watched Manney Reyes get KTFO by a boxer...

that was great

What channel is it on? I'm on their Jan 20th card as an alternate.

you can kick to the legs only above the knee and knees are allowed to the body. watching the fights the rules do not seem as restrictive as when I read them

I'm not seeing any leg kicks at all.

and lol@Manny

You can knee to the face I think. They changed the rules up again, you can clinch and strike (imediately) but after that you MUST let go.

yeah seemed like manny deserved a standing 8

cool spinning back kick ko by black guy

mohawk had a sweet knee

i'll go back and re-read the rules, thanks

umm please help a brotha out with what channel its on.

the VS channel...on my TV it's 65...it's in the middle of shitty channels.

on my directv its 608

not sure about being on a channel that has the Barbeque Championships lol

One of my firends fights onth Tulsa team, he said they can leg kick but MOST of the guys in the league are not leg kickers and he just busts their ass with them

The WCL, bringing you the sport of the 1980's in the 21st century ....

Best of luck to them, but I hate above the waist kickboxing and that is basicly what it is....