What is World Combat League?

I do not have the VS channel. That sucks.

The VS channel is starting to get some better programs on it. Boxing and now the WCL The BBQ thing is hillarious though.

I've seen one episode of WCL and the fights were very entertaining. You CAN kick to the legs. The fights I saw, I was seeing them quite a bit, but the fighters seemed more boxing oriented and there were some good KO's. Not sure on how the scoring system worked cuz the fights had some kind of point system but there were good fights and lots of knockdowns and KO's.

what's the matter, you own stock in it or something? Dude, it's a DISCUSSION forum...

Pajamas and footpads are silly, no matter what you call it.

a sport that lets you wear a grass skirt in teh ring!

The league is bullshit, they let you kick the leg BUT you have to follow it with a "combination attack"

They make it real hard to fight a legit fight with their kick pants and foot pads. Also, there are shin pads under the kick pants. Let's just say I had a few problems with the rules.

Ben Stark...I think someone else posted this already, but it was also on a Directv sportspack channel (one of the 600's...)

as i said, my friend ifhgts in the WCL, he siad they wear shin pads so that they dont get their shins beat up so they cant fight on schedule, they are fighting really regular so they just dont want a bunch of naggin injuries

It was kind of interesting to watch - some of the point fighting people are way out of their league against actual boxers though...

my Fighter Steve Steinbeiss was the heavyweight fighter for team LA, they did't want the real kickboxers crushing the legs of there Karate stars so they hand cuft us a little bit. My fighter hated the rules hated the fact that he was on a team with a bunch of side Kicking PJ wearing Karate boy's. trying to get him to were pants and shine pads was alot of work. I remember this Karate kid asked how much K-1 fighters made for the tournament, when I told him he yelled all that just for kickboxing, like K-1 wasn't shit. the rules meeting was a blast, real fighters on one side and Karate kids on the other, each side was trying to make fun of the other. Much respect for one Karate fighter on are team named Raymond Danials that kid was no Joke in the ring, he was very athletic he could fight in any style and be a champion. All in all I had fun but I don't think my fighter would go back, and most of the thai fighter weren't ask back anyways. They did treat us well though. But hanging out with Karate kids and swallowing your pride is hard to do for real fighters.

AZ -- your fighter did well, and the points deduction was pitiful. Steve throws a jab-cross, then a low kick and gets a penalty?? Then a few fights later, another fighter only kicks low several times with Mazaghatti simply saying bring them up or in combination. Nothing happens.

And yes, I'd agree the rules were developed to handicap the MT fighter. I can't believe the protective footwear and pants. Further still, I can't believe I actually watched that shit.

PS - some of the fighters that like to be referred to as MT guys actually are either recent converts (started as karate kids), or have never actually fought full rules muayThai. Now, Anthony Njokuani - real muayThai.

It said Manny was jack of all trades all i saw was him get ko funny ass shit.

KGS -- I am no Manny supporter, but it is not very accurate to say that (unless you tuned in late in the fight). Manny did score a knockdown of his own, and was very much "in" that fight until the KO.

Manny didnt have a chance at a 10 count, they didnt even give him a chance to try to get up.

Did everybody see Raymond Daniels? He's the best point fighter of all time, he looked great and should be a star in the league for years to come.

TTT for the MANNY KO Vid!


The format is great, the IFL should copy the team point system and shorter fight periods to make their production even better.

Pete Spratt told me the scoring is similar to point karate. True?

I was really, really excited to see Pete Spratt fight...

And he got knocked around, and didn't even make it to the 2nd half.

How does the 2nd half work for fighters who dropped out? Alternates?