What is worse than crashing your Ferrari?

Crashing three of them.

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I know it’s wrong to be jealous of rich people but videos like this make me happy



This one is probably worse too:


Lamborghini crash on security cam.

A speeding Lamborghini Urus plowed into a concrete pillar in Hialeah, killing three tourists in fiery, spectacular explosion captured on video surveillance.

Now, a toxicology report released this week shows that the driver, a 30-year-old New Jersey man, was intoxicated from alcohol and pain killers. He died in the wreck, along with his two passengers.

The crash happened on Jan. 17, during the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, as visitors flooded into South Florida, which at the time had fewer COVID restrictions than in other states. The crash escaped the attention of the media.

According to Hialeah police, the rented Lamborghini SUV was speeding down East 10th Avenue, near 25th Avenue at 1:43 a.m., when it lost control, sliced through a tree and slammed head-on into a concrete Metrorail pillar. “Upon impact with the concrete pillar, [the SUV] exploded into flames and partially disintegrated,” according to a Hialeah police traffic crash report. The car was believed to have been traveling over 100 mph.

The driver, a father of two from New Brunswick, New Jersey, was ejected from the SUV. The two passengers — another 26-year-old New Jersey man, and 27-year-old Georgia woman — were also killed instantly in the wreck.



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Walked it off.

Ooops! Sucks to be them.

I feel the most bad for the tree.

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Except these weren’t rich people, rented for the day, Drunk and high Jersey shore style. No rich people were harmed in the production of this event.

Thank goodness! Rich people are rare these days

Any more cooked than that and they’re not worth eating

They were tough & chewy, like shoe leather.