What is wrong with mma.tv?

For the last several months, after I post on a thread, if I go to recheck the thread, I can't see many of the posts after me, unless I log in, and make a post.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Yaeh same here.


I find that if I come to the forum without logging on and then log on, I can see all of the posts. At least I think I can.

We should send our fearless mod Ben as an envoy to Kirik to get this straightened out.


I'll forward this post to Kirik. I don't have any problems so far as I can tell.


I am running firefox the latest build.

My OS is Windows XP.

Even if I try to browse with Internet Explorer, there is no difference.

Gabe, it isnt fixed..Just came back on and didnt see new posts til I logged in..

Windows xp IE

Same here

Browser = I.E.
OP SYS = XP Pro w/ Service pack 2

Same here. Had to log on to see all of the posts.

IE SP2 / XP Pro

there has been no change. Whatever they did to the software a few months ago, has really screwed up the experience here.

Gabe, I have the same problem.
Browser: Safari 2.0 (Apple needs to fix some bugs there)
OS: MacOS X 10.4.1

A couple of weeks back I could read all the posts to a thread without
being logged in, then when I logged in, some of the posts were gone.
Totally weird.

ttt as some are still have troubles I see...

I'm still having this problem.


I've made a couple of posts last few days that never showed up.

Today I could not find my last post in a thread before logging in. I then logged in & the last post in the thread (someone elses) disappeared (although I could see it before I logged in).

Weird. There's some gremlins about. I'm using the latest IE6.

Same troubles. on the "Josh Nieporte?" the post count reads (11) but I count only 10 & my last post is missing.

Josh Nieporte?
(11)[163] By DuckofDeath

Can't see some of my posts after I have posted several times.

B, I think its because you dont have a pro account..I can see posts but only after I log in..All other pro members can see them too but for some reason blacknames cant..Get your green name..You more than qualify.


Thats probably why but there going to have to wait until I can get back working again.