what is wrong with the lakers?

what the hell is wrong with the lakers?

they lost to charlotte and memphis at home...


no Gasol no Bynum no Ariza

Its called playing smart!! They are positioning themselves to take on a easy team in the West for the Playoffs!!..Cause its going to be a WAR this year!!

You will see what I mean soon! :)


They fucked with da curse. And lol at positioning themselves to play an easy team. Add Fisher to the walking wounded.

"You will see what I mean soon! :)"

What an f'in moron.

well odom was sick and fisher has an injury. they are in trouble without fish in the playoffs.




they need to finish strong. despite the matchup scenarios Homecourt
advantage will play a major roll in who advances.

Its not over yet!! Dammit!!


"They peaked too early. It's like the Fast and the Furious, they hit da NAAUUUS button to early."

How can you say they peaked too early when our ideal starting five have never even played together in a real game?

I thought Gasol was supposed to be back playing a week ago... heheh what a pussy

Although those were two embarrassing losses, they just had two bad games while playing through injuries, Lakers will be fine. They can compete with Houston/Dallas/Denver/GS even without Gasol and Bynum. They will need them in the 2nd round though.

When LA gets bounced from the first round it will be worse than the Mavs

LOL!! Dream on..You only wish that will happen!! The Spurts will lose in the first round!!

It's going to take awhile getting used to this.

My post count is back, what about mod and membver since?


Bynum almost back! Get ready for a sweep through the playoffs!

LOL! Until Gasol gets injured again.