what is your 150 yard club?

from a good flat lie in the middle of the fairway to a pin in the center of a normal sized green...no wind.... you cannot bounce it up...which club do you grab....

its a choke up 8 or a solid 9 for me depending on how i am hitting them that day....


 If Im fading that day, 8.  Drawing, 9

 8 all day...

6 iron. Weaker sex ftw.

Hillary - 6 iron. Weaker sex ftw.

Still play Chenal? I'll be up there next week.


In between clubs for me...fade an 8 or draw a 9 

8 iron 155 Mizuno MX 300 DG s300

7 For me. I dont swing very hard, just causes me too many problems.

Switched to C-Tapers and gained a club. PW is now my 150 club. Phone Post 3.0

7 on wet days and 8 when the ball jumps



8 = 155

I choke down an inch for 150 or crank a 9 if the greens are harder than normal.

8 iron choked down or full on clean 9 kind of a tweener distance for me.



An easy 7 or a pure 8. I'm still having some issues with casting, which robs me of a lot of distance. On the swings when I have it figured out, 8 absolutely gets me there.

PW or an easy 9 for me.

had a 165 par 3 Sunday and I was not hitting the ball very well Sunday. trued a 8 iron knew as soon as I felt it leave the club face. flew the green, felt I would be ok till I got up to the slightly elevated green. Out of bounds started about 3 yards behind the green in the form of waist high fescue. Fack this game.

8 Iron