What is your current stance on wearing masks?

What’s your stance on wearing masks?
  • I think we should still be wearing masks
  • I don’t think we need to wear masks
  • I’m unsure if we should or shouldn’t wear masks

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I don’t think we need them anymore. I wear them just to make others feel comfortable. If other people want to wear them, I’m fine with it.


I think there are nuances this poll doesn’t allow for. Like, masks have never been needed outside. Being forced to wear masks outside is freaking stupid. And in places you’re in and out, meh. But sitting in church or a theater or a ballet recital for a couple hours in an enclosed space, they can’t hurt.


It should be left up to the individual


Voted dont need em. I forget a mask all the time nearly everyday and nobodies ever said anything to me about it.

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Same. I just wear it out of courtesy and so people just shut the fuck up.


Not needed but need some common sense. Rather than everyone wear masks how about people who are visibly sick and coughing stay the fuck home.


Masks are unnecessary. In my state, something like 40% have already been vaccinated. Add that to people who have natural immunities from already having had the virus, which all data would point to being a large portion of the population, I’d say we’re doing pretty damn good. We’re coming out of this thing.

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I wear one in fear of ending up on some viral YouTube video.


Masks are a show of submission.

I wear a mask because I look a lot less like shrek when my face is covered.

I dont like wearing condoms though! Dammit.

I think masks as they are currently being employed by most people actually do more harm than good.

If you are in a sterile environment, clean hands, don’t touch your face, fresh kbx 7000 whatever mask, sure, maybe they help reduce transmission. But a fabric mask, that you pull out of your pocket, wear all over your sweaty runny nosed face, then jam soaking wet back into that same pocket to use the next time you are required to wear it (aka fucking 99% of people) is probably doing you more harm than good.


You’re obsessed with shrek :joy:

I’ve only been wearing it in the shower.

We had to switch to disposable masks for my daughter’s school days. Her cloth masks came home wet and dirty. I have no idea how long into her school day it got like that, but certainly the last portion of the day was unsanitary af

Hahaha. I forgot I called you shrek too :joy:

But yeah, i likes me some shrek. And donkey. Hes so awesome. My son and I play and I be shrek and he be donkey lol

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ha ha

One time a girl online was arguing with me and when I made her mad she replied saying that I look like Shrek lol. It’s funny now b/c my skin is thicker but at the time, not gonna lie it kinda hurt because when I looked in the mirror…I kinda saw what she was talking about lol. I got a big neck.

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Sounds a lot better than being forced to learn all the Frozen songs because “I don’t want Alexa, mommy, I like it when you sing it all ugly. It’s funny”


Well the ladies love a celebrity! She was probably wanting you to plant a baby in her womb!

If you want revenge tell me her name and I’ll send her a message and call her shrek. Ask @bedbug , she will confirm that I do call girls shrek with reckless abandon :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve never seen that one and my son hates my singing. So I am safe lol