What is your current stance on wearing masks?

I’m vaccinated. Just learned our Governor says we will be wearing masks indefinitely. Wtf? Why did I get vaccinated then asshole. Fuck this bullshit. I just signed up as a volunteer to help The recall effort.

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The only people that should be wearing masks are those symptomatic, having compromised immune systems, or girls with nice bodies but their face is marginal.


I only wear it to get into places.



decades of research showing they do nothing, can actually make things worse

The government stopped having the right to tell me what to wear when my enlistment ended. I have a medical reason of my skin , but I wouldn’t wear one anyway. If people want to wear one then it’s their choice and more power to them .

Since the new site roll out, the UG has been dead which is where I spend most of my time on the forums. I’ve seen some assholes on the OG, but you sir…I like your schtick.

You get me thinking the post is going one way, then BOOM, you hit em with the okie doke lol

I look forward to seeing more post of you

i like you too!

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If you wear the same cloth mask daily which most do you’re a dolt and legit not protecting anyone and actually causing yourself more harm esp after mumble spitting into it for half an hr shopping while everyone else breathes directly on it at a grocery line. Worse yet you put it down on a filthy table while getting plastered using used glasses and utensils.

Now if you can afford a n95 mask per use then you’re just a little bitch but it’s not full proof. You should go get one of those n95 with breathers and dispose of it after every use. Need to go to the bathroom and take a dump? Yeah youll need an ass guard for that.

Full proof

Agree with everything you said…

But full proof

I don’t think everyone has thought about this, but as time passes, you know the assumption of how votes would go.

More people will realize, it’s ridiculous at a certain point and they’ll be against wearing mask.

I’ve noticed when I make a point that people get but it goes against their previous beliefs, they get really upset and lash out. But in time, the seed I plant grows and they come around.

If my points upset you, it’s because you see the logic and you don’t want to so you lash out.

Dont wear one everywhere or in my own car like some idiots. But obviously in CA its required for certain things, so if I want to go to the gym or go eat somewhere and they require it, so be it. Its easier to put it on for the few seconds it takes you to get seated than to make a fucken scene. Its not that big of a deal. Ive actually gotten used to working out with it. Do I like it, no, but if thats what is required for me to use the gym i like to go to, then whatevs.

It’s a personal decision one should make based on their situation.

The issue is that it has become an anxiety-management device for many who have been traumatized by this mess - which is why they wear it outside or in the car.

I no longer wear a mask. I already had Covid but continued wearing the mask for a while as a social courtesy, since I know people were freaked out. Now I’m at a point where I’m no longer willing to enable the hivemind’s collective neurosis.

Time to move on.


I’m unable to see the video you linked. The play button is there but it’s not clickable. Do you have a url link?

Ill wear one were required, . I also wear one where people have asked me to put one on.

I’m also vaccinated

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Optional, wear them if you or go without

We never needed them and people who think we did are very fucking easily fooled.

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Anyone in a black mask I shoot on site!
-Nyatt Pearp

Non use of masks is a backwards step iMo, I’m a lucha libre traditionalist