What is your current stance on wearing masks?

Should be required.

If the place requires, I wear. Otherwise I don’t. I don’t give a big enough of a shit to argue over it

masks don’t do shit. says right on the side of the box. there’s decades of research saying they don’t. the only ones that say masks work, are recent studies funded by bill gates… they’re just virtue signalers, so people think that person cares. If I could not wear one in to stores, I would

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I hate them but since I’m not an expert on masks or infectious diseases I’m deferring to those that are and wearing them.

Last night at my sons baseball tryouts we were outside and every other parent had a mask on. That annoys me because it’s unnecessary but if wearing one allows the kids to have a ball season it’s just not that big of deal.

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we should till its really over and i HATE it

There’s a group of parents at the park street school that wear them. It’s outdoors and all the other parents there are not wearing them. But if I want to talk to that group of neighbors, I feel like I have to wear one because they all are.

I like that people still wear masks it keeps me from meeting idiots.

I went into a gun store today maskless it felt good not wearing a retarded mask.

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Masks don’t do shit. The only reason I wear them when I have to is so I don’t have to deal with some twat ripping into me for not wearing a mask.

How dare you put everyone’s life in danger. Worse than hitler!!!

I think we need to wear full sized masks like Deadpool or something.

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Put on a paper/cloth mask. Go grind on some wood, plastic, metal for an hour. Then take the mask off and look in the mirror. You will see lines of dust going into your nose.

You want a mask to work, you get fit tested for a full and proper seal. Anything less is just masturbation.

That said, I absolutely love wearing a mask in public. Allows me to mutter at annoying assholes in the grocery store without starting a fight.


Unfortunately the gun I got was lost before I got home

I do this too :joy::joy: stupid slow ass people in the middle of the aisle

Masks are not only completely pointless for 99.9% of the population but they are dangerous and promote mental illness especially in developing children. The reason they are pointless is because asymptomatic transmission doesn’t exist. You cannot spread covid if you are not sick. And no enforcing agent will ever provide you proof saying otherwise. People who are sick stay home. Nobody is walking around outside coughing covid up. It’s a ridiculous statement.