What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is traveling cross country with my parents at two and half. Mainly just remember the motels and my mom reading the same books to me over and over(it was the 70's).

It's not a good memory.

The arm wrestling scene from the Fly at a year or two old

I was almost three and puked on my grandmothers rug. She was none too pleased and was scolding me in Japanese. I couldn't understand her which scared me and made her angry. I was sick and terrified for what seemed like hours. I asked my mom about it later in life, she had to really think about it then vaguely recalled it and said it lasted a minute at most. She seemed doubtful that I would even remember it, which was weird because where the hell else would I come up with that story?

coffee right after I woke up

3 years old and my parents coming home with my little brother

Getting kicked in the nuts. Maybe 4 or 5 years old.

3 or 4 ran across the street without looking and was hit by a car, luckily they weren't going fast and hit the brakes. This was mid 80's so my parents were pissed at me and not the driver. The Nancy's of today would have sued.

A poster for a monster movie in this little village in Alaska. I was maybe 3?

3 years old. My parents had a family reunion at our place and the property was full of tent trailers, tents, campers, loud music, lots of hugs and stubby bottles of Molson Canadian :)

3 years old, at Epcot Center with my family.

I was in a stroller, drinking one of those obscenely sweet juice coolers they used to sell in a bottle shaped like grapes. My mom was able to talk the vendor into giving me the juice, along with a plastic mango decoration from his stall.

That giant ball was mesmerizing.

i forget

HolyHackBBCZack -

The arm wrestling scene from the Fly at a year or two old

Holy shit this is one of my earliest ones too!

2 years old at Disney world 

Crying at a wrestling match when a masked wrestler walked by. I was 3.

Swimming in some kind of jelly like substance feeling like my belly button was a huge outie.

I was two years old, I remember because it was when I first started banging your mom.

i have a bunch from when i was 2-3. ont know the earliest.

i had cement lions at the top of the steps i'd sit on/pretend to ride.

going across the street to neighbors

mom singing itsy bitsy spider and rain rain go away

cat pissing in my stroller (well, mom being pissed off about it)

getting taps placed on my shoes.


Some time at the age of 2-3.5 I dreamed I was in my crib and the family duplex caught on fire and burned up all around me. It was my first dream so for years I thought it really happened. Anyways funny enough when I was in the 7th grade that duplex(we had long since rented it out) burned down but only that half of the duplex which my family had lived in.

I have memories of going to neighbor's home and being given toys each time I went. I also remember my mom running a day care in our home. Significant memory of holding up a big ladder in the back yard over my brother's shockwave transformer figure(the old school ones) I purposely dropped the ladder on the figure out of malice for whatever reason and broke the toy in half chopping off the arm.