What is your favorite conspiracy theory that actually might have some merit?

If you have hundreds of millions of people with access to weapons they’re a statistical inevitability, especially once the precedent was set and people saw how the public and media react. It’s like the ultimate act of antisocial and attention seeking behavior. It’s super immature at it’s core.

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The govt has UFO technology.
Along those lines, a lot of the UFO / UAP stuff seen isn’t actual aliens or the like - it’s govt aircraft trying to reverse engineer alien / other-worldly technology.


The Mandela effect was observed decades prior to the large hydrogen collider going into action.

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Fuck you

We’re witnessing and living through a deliberate, controlled destruction of the United States and possibly western society as a whole.

I think the Mandella effect is the silliest one of them all. They point to pop culture examples like people saying “Luke, I am your father” instead of quoting the actual line from the movie which is “No, I am your father.” It’s obvious that the quote was changed in pop culture so people would know what your are referencing. If the actual line was used, it would not be apparent.

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In for OG Lunacy

Not disappointed so far