what is your favorite mma camp?

 i have three:

chute boxe

red devil



Cesar Gracie

The lions den you little jerks!


Red Devil


tjmitch - The lions den you little jerks!

Top of the food chain right there! The plankton of MMA.

Ceasar Gracie and ATT

I really like Team Jackson, specifically the Grudge crew in Co

Duke Roufus' team in Milwaukee is awesome too!

HIT Squad

They offer a 3-month training camp (and shorter stays) complete with fighter's dorms for pros, amateurs, and individuals that just want to learn MMA. It includes jiu-jitsu, boxing, MMA, strength training/conditioning, cardio, and lodging. It is a three month program where you will be training with and along side UFC legend Matt Hughes, MMA Superstar Robbie Lawler, Marc Fiore, Kyle Watson, and other HIT Squad fighters.
Here is a link to it:

American Top Team
Jungle MMA


 A somewhat unknown gym I go to up in  Canada.

Toshido MMA (Coach David Lea):


Rory MacDonald (10-0)

Mike Adams (6-0)

Gary Wright (8-0)

Tim Jensen (6-1)

Clay Davidson (6-1)


imeaniguess - Cesar Gracie


cesar gracie and mark dellagrotte's gym that a cant ever spell right so i wont try...


Guerilla Nation MMA "fightin for the cause"
3403 w.43 st
Los Angeles Ca. 90008

these guys are technical and tough

I support the guys fighting out of the Tristar gym in Montreal since I live in Quebec

"internet top team"

is the best place to train

once you train there.. no one can defend

 Millennia MMA