What is your favorite pistol?

I have that S&W hand cannon. Love it

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The reliability tests that the militaries around the world use have proven your statement false.

A 1911 is more akin to a custom knife. Yes they can use mim parts but the tolerances are usually so tight that some amount of finishing is needed. You need to clean and lube them more than a modern day semi auto. Much higher chance of getting a bad magazine (unless you are using the Wilson Combat magazines). They are typically more finicky with feeding HP rounds. Etc…

I will agree with you that they are awesome to look at and shoot, often times they are more accurate but they are not as reliable as most of the other offerings in the modern world. That however shouldn’t stop you from shooting and carrying one, I love my 1911!

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I like big black things, like my G21, the best

You should try a G20!

Funny that you mention that, most recreational shooters are not putting even close to the same rounds through their weapons or maintaining an arsenal the size of the military.

You could (precovid) get to near 100% reliability with around 2k but does anyone really need that out of a 1911? It’s not ment for concealed carry, it’s meant to be accurate, balanced, and to perform for the individual. If you have to maintain hundreds of them or thousands as an armorer you’d hate life but if you as an individual get a good one, treat it well with maintenance it’ll serve you a long time without issue.

My Colt has many thousands of rounds and is still amazing to shoot, my other ones work well but I don’t have as many rounds through them. I’ve had problems with my Walther’s, Springfield’s, and even a Glock. Just like anything else if you take care of it, do maintenence and treat it well it’ll last IMO

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I second this.

This is my nightstand pistol!


I’d say my favorite is the Mauser hsc my dad carried through WWII. It was taken off a German officer in battle, passed around a bit, and in huge line up going into Europe the guy that had it slyly passed it to my dad in his palm because he knew he was getting searched and they’d confiscate it. My dad carried it from then on. 32 caliber and beautiful, even though it has Nazi symbols on it.

Amazing. Pics?

I’m a firearms retailer, manufacturer, and trainer.
1911 is my favorite. For those of you that have your issues with them. We as 1911 fan boys, not plastic fuck boys appreciate and know how to operate our firearm.

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Don’t know how.

Its so easy, take pic on phone, click the mountain inbetween the “gif” and computer monitor on bottom right, click photo library and select the photo

It’s in nice shape, but I have only fired it a few times.

I also have a 9 mm Luger pistol from WWII that my dad got from a Floyd County Kentucky bounty hunter as a rent payment. Tons of Nazi symbols on that one. The dude’s name was Muncy Joe Preather, and he had brought it back as captured goods. My dad said Muncy Joe could really make a can skip down the road with it.


Maybe Boyd County. I get confused sometimes.

My dream gun is a Colt Combat Commander in 9mm. I live in communist California so it is forbidden here. It’s hard to obtain even in other states. It is just not sold anywhere.

I have a matched set of Colt pistols. A Python in 357 mag and a .22 on the same frame. It’s also a snake gun. High value guns I’ve never fired.

I also have a less prestigious set of Colt .357/22lr on the same frame. I can’t recall the theme, but they’re matched and fin to shoot. Probably not snakes. I’ve fired these plenty.

It used to be standard protocol to sell a high caliber pistol with a .22 on the same frame so you could practice hoisting the frame without going broke on ammo.

Les Baer California Carry



Nice!! How do you like the trl-1 with it?

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Im a fan! Pretty nice light, but Im a streamlight fan boy