What is your favourite of all time tv show?

Not just the best but one that still stands up over time.


For me I've got to go with Magnum PI. It was funny, lots of action, and got chicks. Even today it's still a good watch.


married with children, obviously

The Office (UK version)


game of thrones


Star Trek the Next Generation

The Wire, bar none

Seinfeld and the first 5 years of both the Simpsons and Trailer Park Boys.
The UK does it right by ending shows before they start to suck. While South Park might have improved with time, 99% of other shows don't.

Cowboy Bebop BY FAR

Frisky DIngo

Curb Your Enthusiasm

4.family guy

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Greatest American Hero

Four Rooms

Lots of great shows, hard to pick one all time favourite. 

Id say: Brickleberry. 

Nypd blue

The Sopranos

AlphaSlap -

Frisky DIngo

Man, what a great pick. Not enough people know the brilliance of this show. Have a meaningless VU, Master Cylinder.

Breaking bad

Another for sopranos