What is your go to phone game?

Sitting here going through all the games in the App Store and can't figure out what I want to play.
What's your game og? Phone Post 3.0

Mad Skills MX. It has like 5 different versions. It's a lot like excitebike. Phone Post 3.0

Trolling the UG

Currently playing this game called super glyph, it's like bejewelled meets an RPG and it's pretty fun. Phone Post 3.0

Plague inc
Flight control
Tower defence
Zombie gunship

Big fan of tower defence games

In for more.... Phone Post 3.0

I play go do to mo Phone Post 3.0

In... I'm looking for a game to play I've killed solitaire Phone Post 3.0

Zombie Frontier 2.0 Phone Post 3.0

Texas Hold em


Sub Phone Post 3.0

The OG is where my phone goes at times, I would guess, game players go to their games. Phone Post 3.0


Star Wars commander Phone Post 3.0

Guessing how many misleading titles and spelling mistakes there will be on the UG blog Phone Post 3.0

Elevate. Phone Post 3.0

Pump bmx Phone Post 3.0

Usually boom beach Phone Post 3.0


Just make it a game. Phone Post 3.0

SPACE TEAM MOTHER FUCKERS. it's not a typical game. You can only play with friends. Either wireless or Bluetooth. Download it for sure. You end up screaming commands at one another to prevent your ship from crashing. It's funny like hell Phone Post 3.0