What is your opinion on FEAR??

I have unlocking warrior intuition and comp. coaching session.

I would like to know Mr.Blauers, as well as others. opinion on what eventually should be done with fear.

Meaning, do you strive to "use" the fear, or eliminate fear completely.

Also, is fear the adrenaline "fight/flight" feeling? And if so, would that dictate what you "do" with it?


The question itself is too broad...

Check out the archives, Tony's website, and if possible, pick up the audio pkg.

There are two distinct types of FEAR, biological and psychological. What you do depends on what you are feeling, how it manifested and what you need to do at that time.


Deep subject and the essence of what Tony Blauer's and his organizations expertise are.

The ability to "define" the fear that you have is important.

The Psychology of FEAR. The explanation of self induced FEAR .....when you are thinking about bad things and projecting out an outcome that has not happened yet is the self induced type. Biology of FEAR is what happens to your body during a high energy situation. One is organic the other is psychologically induced. Keep in mind, if you are scared shitless, unconscious or dead, you cannot defend yourself.

Fight or Flight response...Biological response. The ability to clearly define these psychological as well as physical responses will determine how you deal with the "fear dump". The definition of these fears will allow them to be a trigger for a re-frame. On the physical "fear" that you are asking about, don't view that as fear in the sense of being afraid, understand that it is a hormonal genetic response, not psychological and when you are conscious of the shallow breathing, adrenaline dump, etc, re-frame it to become empowering, not disabling.

As pointed out, there is a plethora of information on the Blauer website to use as reference material. Also on one of the tapes, I believe it is the Rape Safe tape, there is a great explanation of the Cycle of Behavior, I found that to be very helpful in the understanding of the Fear Principles.

Joe Mullings

Hi, sorry for the delay...my schedule is so busy, getting to the forum regularly is not an option at times....

You asked: "what eventually should be done with fear...Meaning, do you strive to "use" the fear, or eliminate fear completely.

You cannot eliminate organic fear...one of our trade maxims is KNOW FEAR and it implies the benefits of KNOWING FEAR to MANAGE FEAR, in other words, absolutely 'use it', you need it,

How can you use it? Well, 'fear' is either an alarm beacon to impending danger or its a catalyst to an area of training you haven't yet explored. Both messages should inspire action (training or protection).

Next question: "Also, is fear the adrenaline "fight/flight" feeling? And if so, would that dictate what you "do" with it? "

Dissect the quote on the opening page of this forum:"Its not the danger, but the fear of danger that makes us afraid... If you didn?t fear fear,what might you do?" In battle some soldiers engage other dont. But they all get the same training... how can this be? In other words, analyzing fear is obvious not some magic bullet (memorize this) or else you'd think we'd have figured out how to predict (or predispose) behavior!! The feelings are much deeper than the lessons. :-)

Bottom line: Fear is not the 'fight or flight' syndrome, that's a limited and more of a 'packaged reply' from book experts. The management of fear should be on of the most researched areas of all professionals, from parenting to teaching but especially for the warrior arts like law enforcememnt, military skills and personal defense.

There are many other subtle blends of fear & response, a lot has to do with training & motivation. Look at the Crocodile Hunter...no flight no fight because he's trained to thrive in that environment...

What to do with it? Use it to guide your training. When you dont fear 'it' as much, then the training is working.