What is your poop defense? (RE: NYC poop attack)

White supremacy is really getting out of hand.

I’m always amazed at peoples lack of situational awareness

Released without bail (he has 20 priors)

Democrats strikes again.

20 prior poop smears? Victim must have looked like a Bengal tiger.

best Defence is a good offence bitches! I’d eat some homer simpson style chilli for about 2 weeks and wait for this guy’s black ass in the train station. “shit happens” can cut both ways motherfucker

I would never gonto a horrible place like NYC so i dont have to worry about this type of stuff.

I dont like big cities and i dont like city people.

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Guy smears shit in a woman’s face, tells the judge to fuck off, and is released without bail.

Welcome to progressive NYC.

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ding ding ding…bingo we have a winner. Its completely unnatural to start with, we evolved to be in small hunter gatherer tribe situations. not suggesting we become modern cave men, just saying NYC and LA etc are way way to far from the environment humans are supposed to be in. Just look at how people behave in places like that, completely disgusting. for one thing the place REEKS of piss apparently.

immaculate the guy literally said to the cop “shit happens” some cheeky ass shit there.


ive been informed i’m not cool because i have no desire to be a big city hipster douchebag type, and am perfectly satisfied being a hick redneck at heart, you big city fuckers are not cool your just pretentious little pricks, and hella disgusting

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Whoever informed you of that sounds like a dweeb to me lol.

It takes a real sadsack to condemn himself to life in a concrete prison. These people are bad people. Do not join them.

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jr they get pulled into what “success” looks like by “hollywood” standards. Part (a substantial part to be sure) of success is working and money. another part is the success of things like hunting and fishing and breathing fresh air and the freedom nature brings. maybe that sounds sappy but my mental health would go to shit if i had to live like these Zoo Yorkers, no wonder they are so fucked up. i actually kind of feel sorry for them on some level.


Out on bail, fresh out of jail, New York City poopin’ :notes:

Tupac Shakur Dancing GIF

Eat the poop, then eat his face, then throw up on his corpse.

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And then get a bloody Mary with horseradish and non Soviet vodka.

Which I shall do shortly.