What?? Johns leaving Aquaman?!?! -- Rumor

From http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/08/20/geoff-johns-to-leave-aquaman-with-ivan-reis/

Bleeding Cool has reported previously that we expect Ivan Reis to leave Aquaman after issue 16, as part of a DC reshuffle of creators and potentially more cancellations and new books commissioned for January.

And that Ivan Reis will move to draw Justice League Of America, replacing Jim Lee on the comic, and keeping the Geoff Johns Aquaman team still together, but on his one of his other comics.

But it seems that, deprived of Ivan Reis on Aquaman, Geoff Johns will also be leaving that series.

Between them they have done what many saw impossible, totally and utterly revived the reputation of Aquaman in the DC Universe, away from being a joke, to a character who is taken very seriously indeed.

Big flippers to fill… DC Comics declined to reply to enquiries.

paw comments:  I never cared about Aquaman until this reboot - replacing the entire creative team?  I sure hope not.  Is the root of this reshuffling Jim Lee's inability to draw a monthly title anymore?