What Justin's really been doing...

I know Justin's business advisor thinks he's been spending too much time on the forum...BUT, the real culprit is Justin's other hobby:


Ahh wookey are you a slashdot geek too? I saw this today, and thought to myself "this guy has balls!" You can take that line two ways.

I'm sure "Spandex is friend to no man" is in the Bible somewhere.

That's one sexy man! I liked his line "who I buy all of my tights for Renfaire clothing from". No man should wear tights, but they definitely shouldn't have a regular supplier!!

"I got lots of helpful advice from Avril "Bronxelf" Korman, who is working as an interior designer (NOT decorator), and knows a lot about art. "

Yes. Mixing those two job descriptions up could really take away from one's creditability.

Helping someone with their Tron Unitard colour matching on the other hand...


i think "UNITARD" says it all