What Kind of Death Would You Choose (GoT/Vikings)

Posed this question to friends today.
What kind of death would you choose if presented with:
1. Death by fire - Die by purifying light, Melisandre or ISIS burns you alive
2. Flayed Man - House Bolton flays you alive, you are Iron Born no more
3. Blood Eagle - Get opened up from the back and aren't allowed to scream or your ticket to Valhalla is revoked

I chose by fire in hopes of smoke inhalation. Phone Post 3.0

Death by suffocating on Lady Sansa's pussy Phone Post 3.0

Blood eagle...because fuck you that's why.

Holy hell they are all horrific.

That blood eagle scene was fucking horrendous tho. I could barely even watch it. And the fact that you couldn't scream if you believed in that stuff made it even worse.

Id go fire I guess, idk they are all absolutely horrible. Phone Post 3.0

Fire is a walk in the park compared to the other two. Phone Post 3.0

Poleeko - Die fighting. Fuck those choices. Phone Post 3.0

Though I would agree, it doesn't guarantee death and may guarantee a hacked off limb while you still have to choose.

I've always wanted to end by funeral pyre, sucks that it's illegal as I would love my funeral procession be that, so I would go with the choice Death by Fire.

It's the quickest of the 3.