What kind of fish are THESE?!?!?

So me and my girl go eat tonight.  There is some pretty damned cool looking aquarium there, really cool looking fish.  Thing looks ultra clean.  My girl tells me, "you know, when you told me you were setting up an aquarium, I thought you were talking about something like *that*."  I told her that was a saltwater tank, and those fish looked so cool because saltwater fish are on average much brighter than freshwater fish.  Which I truly believed was true at the time regarding that being a saltwater tank, and on average saltwater fish really are brighter with flashier colors.

But then I kept looking at that tank.  One of the less-pretty ones caught my eye - I had seen that one at freaking Wal-Mart!  Not sure if they are in the pic, but they are like "Peacock Chilids" or something like that.  Orange-Pinkish with funny shaped heads.  So if that is right, and I think it is, then it is really a freshwater tank.

And if its freshwater, what are those other ones?  There is some bright blue little ones that look really, really cool, and that big one with the blue-grey body and blue blue face is cool as shit!  Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks so much!