What kind of restriction would Treyarch have by...

Saying screw the Call of Duty brand and branching off to create their own Franchise??

I say Treyarch because I'm a fan of their versions of Call of Duty and feel like they just make a better product. With that said, I'm talking about any of 3(Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer). If they wanted to get away from the restricting 3 year cycle why not just make their own game alone?

Thoughts? Phone Post 3.0

The limiting factor is ostensibly activision since they fully own Treyarch (as are Infinity Ward and Sledghammer edit:if I'm not mistaken) This is in contrast to a developer that contracts with a publisher on a pergame basis or "indie" developers that can have more autonomy.  My guess is that Activision is going to ride CoD till the wheels fall off( like Guitar hero and Tony Hawk).

Edit: And here's an example of what can happen to an "insubordinate" dev under activision lol http://www.destructoid.com/infinity-ward-invaded-by-activision-security-update--165521.phtml

You would think that Activision would be like "Hey, let's let Treyarch make another War Game in past times and let the other two continue the COD brand until it wears down".

Treyarch is owned by Activision, you're correct. Phone Post 3.0

And DAMN, at that article. lol. Phone Post 3.0