What Kind Of Snake Is This?

I found this snake in my back yard and don't know if I should be concerned or not. My 2 year old boys play outside every day and this thing disappeared into the ground shortly after taking pictures. 


Looks like a Trouser Snake


I don’t know but it might be a skink or a glass lizard/snake

Charles Barkley -

Where you located OP?

Southeast GA

Limited knowledge but looks harmless.  Jerk it off and see what happens?


ThinkAlpha -

Limited knowledge but looks harmless.  Jerk it off and see what happens?

Tried. It burrowed into the ground 

Looks like a kingsnake. Maybe black racer. Either way, non venomous.

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Charles Barkley -

Looks like a speckled kingsnake. It’s a friend. 

Edit: I’m no expert and it might be a cobra. Don’t touch it. Lol. 



I accidentally grabbed it while picking up toys this evening. I saw the bottom half and at first glance it looked like a piece of broken rubber hose so I grabbed it to throw away. Realized by feel that it was a snake. Thing didn't even move and stayed frozen. I nudged it with my foot to see if it was alive and it still barely moved.

Garter snake?

Akkadian88 -

It's not venomous 

Thats all I care about 

Honestly looks like a "legless" lizard. But I can give you a million percent guarantee it nothing dangerous. Good thing about GA is all are venomous snakes look "Oh fuck, that's venomous".

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Pretty sure it’s a baby anaconda. Sorry to say this, but your fucked OP...

That's a danger noodle, fuck that thing.

Resembles a black rat snake.


Did it bite you? that would at least help us determine if its a faggotbiter or not.


It looks like a glass lizard.   A legless lizard.   Trippy shit.

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