What kind of underwear do you wear?

I can’t find a happy boxer brief/boxer medium. Everything’s either too tight, too loose, or not breathable enough. Advice? Thick thighs and long balls, btw if that helps.

Boxers only

Calvin Klein core steel microfiber trunk


Or anything with a dick and balls pouch


I just grabbed some fruit of the loom boxer briefs on Amazon. They are the best I’ve had in awhile. They’re super comfortable and are longer than most which I appreciate lol

Tommy John … I think it’s their 360 sport. Doesn’t ride up, breathes well. Expensive, but worth it IMO.

I have big meaty thighs too. Not so long balls yet.

Calvin Klein CK One Micro boxers from about 7-10 years back. It doesn’t appear that they sell them anymore.

Yes, they’ve lasted me that long and still look “fresh”!

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Most of the time I don’t even bother wearing them anymore. Getting older and don’t care.


fruit of the room

Jockey boxer briefs are top notch.

Hanes boxer briefs

Your mom’s

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Boxers. But I’ve been milking over switching to briefs. Not boxer briefs, F those.


Been milking over it eh?

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On your head, I hope. That’s how I wear them.

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Duluth Buck naked

Lol that was unintentional but I guess fitting.