What! Lesnar to be at 168!

Just seen on Twitter that lesnar says hes going to see silva. I guess he is a fan. Phone Post

He's going get into the cage and call out 'Chris Weedman' and Koolslaid. Heard it here first Phone Post 3.0

I see nothing that says that

Brock and Barnett have an impromptu match after he thrashes Browne. Phone Post 3.0

Chicken salad out of chicken shit. Phone Post 3.0

JoshSanchez -

Thank you. I owe you another VU since I already gave you one today :) Phone Post 3.0

Brock was trained by Paulson who also trained Barnett so maybe he is going to support Josh and watch a good fight between Silva and Weidman.

BAck to keep an eye on his strawberries

Is he going to make chicken salad out of chicken shit?

He's going to call out cole Konrad out of retirement Phone Post 3.0

Affliction Blackbelt - He will be there as the official representative of CornNuts - Official corn snack of the UFC.


JoshSanchez -

Battle of the Vikings. Phone Post 3.0

Brock will return. Zuffa will make an offer he can't refuse now that GSP is gone. Phone Post 3.0

Carwin rematch Phone Post 3.0

JoshSanchez -

Brock knows better.. There's a reason why brock didnt let barnetto back. Phone Post 3.0

Lesnar would never make 168 lbs

UFC should have built him better. Threw him right to the sharks. I'd like to see Lesnar vs Struve or lesnar vs Nelson, then give him someone like reem, Bigfoot,JDS Phone Post

I see nothing on twitter about this?

InspiritMick - Lesnar would never make 168 lbs
Lol this was my first thought. He would have to cut off both arms and legs, and then still have a nasty weight cut. Phone Post 3.0