Quick question: I have not competed in a Naga tournament in 3.5 years. I have not been on the mat in the same amount of time. (except for Ricardo Almedia seminar a few months back) no going live though.

Before that I was a white belt in bjj, but have 4.5 years of D-1 wrestling experience-12 years of wrestling overall.

I want to compete this weekend though.. Every other time I have competed I went advanced. Should I go advance again, or intermediate?


fuck it just go in advance right?

If you did anything less than advance I would consider that sandbagging. Reason being is that you have so many years of wrestling experience. Most NAGA tourney's advance division are 3+ years experience (correct me if I'm wrong). However, matches are started from the feet and you get points for takedowns which automatically gives you the advantage. Please don't strip some poor kid who's been BJJ training for 2 years by going into the intermediate division, taking him down at will, maintaining control, and eventually finishing off just because you haven't trained as often as youd like. Good luck in the advanced potna.

Go advanced, or go home. You have to run with the big dogs.

Or you could just Ostrowski.

Advanced unless you want to be a punk about the stuation.You have the experiance to do so and belong in it.

Have you ever been at a live event & thought you could handle yourself against one of the fighters? Only you know your capabilities, & maybe whoever you train with.

The only way to really find out is "just do it", and give it everything you got. Good luck. :-)

ok.. fair enough.. I just have not been doing much of anything lately besides running and lifting...

but I will go advance..

thanks for the responses.

Hey Din, when will you be competing again?

you are right Momita, and yes I have.

Fuego If I recall you beat Ivan Menjivar in the first round of the naga nationals back in Nov 2000. Just because your out of shape does't give you the right to sandbag.

I'd never competed in my life and I've got about 2+ years of training spread over about 4 to 5 years.

When I entered my first tourney, recently I might add, the organizer put me in the advanced division.

The kick in the teeth is I lost on points after 6 minutes to a good BJJ blue belt who had been training around 4 years he said and he attempted one sub the whole time and it was a rear naked choke and he couldn't finish me.

It was explained to me by another BJJ player that blue belt and below subs aren't emphasized as much as position and he had a damn tight position game.

I also competed in the absolut division where I won my first match against a guy close to my experience level and about 10 or 15 lbs heavier and lost to a well respected grappler in my area who won my division subbing the guy who beat me in my first match.

I didn't care if I won or lost because I got to compete against quality grapplers and I had a hell of time plus I got to see an old friend and training partner and make some new ones.

I went to the tourney to compete and get better not to just win.

Sandbaggers are just there to win at any cost a good grappler is there to compete and get better and if he or she wins that is the icing on the cake.

yeah, i was just being a romo because i am disgusting wrestling shape..

but.. we'll see...


You should go beginner, because you are a beginner to the tournament this year!

lol, im just using sandbag logic.

LOL... that is sandbagger logic...