What made Fedor good?

I like Fedor and this is a bit of an argumentative thread but let’s have some fun, I’ll make some points about Fedor and I hope some of you will defend and prove me wrong.

First, I’ll point out what made other fighters great.

Conor - Sniper counter-striker, very planted. Excellent punches, excellent distance control, smart fighter, good grappler. But physically not durable, not tough and strong willed mentally, fighting style that was geared towards a young fighter, and cardio that only lasted for a round.

Adesanya - Excellent striker. Excellent technique in all areas. Excellent distance control. Excellent IQ. Good cardio. Trouble against equally sized of bigger opponents. Zero grappling ability.

Vitor (TRT) - Lethal hand speed, great technique, well rounded with good BJJ. Mediocre cardio, known to fade. Other than that, no known weaknesses.

Jon Jones - Superb IQ. Superb distance control. Excellent cardio. Lethal elbows and G&P. Excellent wrestling. Strong, big with insane reach. Average submissions. Creative striker but no knockout power.

Now Fedor…

Fedor - Very Fast and explosive, knockout power in his hands. Deadly G&P in the beginning of his career. Very strong in the beginning of his career. Sloppy striker with looping punches, average wrestling, good submissions, good cardio, durable, variable IQ; sometimes very high IQ like with CroCop, sometimes very low IQ like with Henderson.

There seems to be nothing special about Fedor. So what made him so good? Coleman got his back, Hunt got the side mount, Randleman suplexed him, Fujita almost KOed him.

He had good fights against Herring, CroCop and Nogueira. But he really did not seem like anything special in anything to me.

Vovchanchin for example, yea, he lost to Crocop but he was a deadly striker with excellent striking technique, like Conor and Adesanya, very planted. Strong. Excellent sense of distance. Good defensive grappling with some good submissions.

With Fedor, what was he excellent at? I think nothing. Maybe excellent sportsmanship?


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I’ll base what I already assume off of how his peers talked about him. When the best guys in the area of your expertise call you the goat. That matters.

He did almost get KOd by Fujita. And then he pieces him up and choked him out.

He did get duplexes by randleman. And 30-45 seconds later he reversed Kevin and locked his shoulder.

He beat the piss out of nog. A lot.

He beat the piss out of Gary goodridge standing where Gary was most dangerous.

He was getting beat down against Bret rogers right until he uncorked a legendary one punch KO.

It’s not that he was special anywhere. It’s that he was good enough everywhere that he was never out of a fight

And on top of that, you factor in the aura. The man got you hyped to see him perform. Without ever really doing or saying anything. The anticipation for a fedor fight used to be unreal in his prime.


Stoic under fire
Amazing athlete
Work Ethic


I’d say he was not a sloppy striker with looping punches.

Pretty sure those are casting punches.


Russia ?


His ability to change where/what was happening in the fight and adjust.

His size. He knew how to use it to his advantage.

I think this was a big part of it. Never panicked,

Fedor in his prime had a HUGE speed advantage over his opponents. He had explosive transitions that he was able to string together with throws, and counters to takedowns. His fights with Big Nog are a great example. It looks like a high school wrestler trying to take down Chael Sanderson in his prime.

Add a huge heart, and bricks for hands and you have an EXTREMELY difficult puzzle to solve during his prime.


I think this is a myth. He never adjusted to Bigfoot Silva or Maldonado.

Yeah, Ali never adjusted to Trevor Berbick too. Good point. Hector Camacho beat Duran twice and Sugar Ray Leonard. They just weren’t as great I guess.


This is something I forgot to mention for Fedor and I agree with completely. He had excellent transitions and chained striking and grappling seamlessly.

I think you highlighted his strengths perfectly.

His speed advantage was considerable. It’s because of that I think LHWs would’ve been more dangerous to him and HWs.

That was much later, certainly not prime pride Fedor.


He fell in love with his power at the end of his career and lost the multi-dimensional aspect of his game. He still threw people every now and then but it was a one move kind of thing. In his prime he was a highly dynamic puzzle of throws, sweeps, counters and strikes. He, for all intents and purposes, outstruck Cro-Cop…because of how well he strung shit together.


Who did he adjust to in his prime? He had an excellent gameplay against CroCop and Nog from the get go.

I want to say “sambo” and make that the entire post, but it aint just that. Dude was the terminator. That and i think everyone who has been asked has said he hits the hardest of anyone they had fought.

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Again, I agree with you. I think the camp in Netherlands was what made him fall in love with striking and think he’s good.

But, speed was because he was a smaller HW.

Transitions were excellent.

But other than that… average submissions, average wrestling, and his striking was not good. It was not masterful.

He had a ton of heart and was always on a brink of a loss. That’s what made his fights electrifying. But does that deserve the title of the greatest?

IMO he isn’t the GOAT. He’s the HW GOAT though.

Again, it’s the deficit of speed and explosiveness COMBINED with his very high level Sambo, high level striking (he knocked out strikers and out struck Mirko) was what made him the greatest HW of all time. IMO