What made you a fan of mma?

How and when did you discover mma, and what made you a fan? I saw the ppv advertising for the very first UFC and ordered it on ppv. When I saw UFC 1, I couldn't beleive it. I had been waiting all of my life for something like that.

Gary Goodridge KO'ing Paul Herera w/ Elbows in UFC8.

Oleg Taktarov. My first UFC was UFC 5. When I saw Oleg do that sweep into choke/neck crack on Verdecia, I was amazed. I didn't understand what happened, except it was cool as shit. Dude was on his back and all of a sudden was on top, and 5 seconds later he won.

Then he got bloodied and battered by Severn, but hung in there and kept going for shit. Of course, I had no idea what he was trying, but I felt like he could make some weird reversal at any moment. It never happened, but he showed a ton of heart and looked like a bad ass fighter. He just happened to run into The Beast.

In UFC 6, he won 2 fights quickly, again looking awesome. Tank was beating the shit out of people on the other side of the bracket to set up the final. Seeing that fight on tape is nothing like it was watching it live. I was on the edge of my seat the whole fight. Oleg absorbing the punches, Tank absorbing the chokes, both guys battling like warriors. The choke at the end was so fucking dramatic, and then both guys just laid there, flat on their backs, unable to move.

It doesn't measure up to some of the technical wars of today, but back then that fight was unbelievable. I've been a fan of MMA ever since.

UFC was always talked about since I started Judo at the age of 7. I pretty much grew up with it.

UFC 1 and Royce

Going to a BJJ class just off a random recommendation a few years back and an instructor telling me I "needed" to see UFC. So I did. And I've been in love ever since.

about 2 years ago a friend of mine gave me his dreamcast and i saw a UFC game for it for like $5 so i got into that and about 2 days later my exgf got a membership at a local blockbuster and i rented sum old ufc's.been addicted since.and there's mma schools all over my place.

ufc 1, i was hooked. i really fell into a daze when tank put that big hawain guy into a siezure. i said that shits for real,and now you have the slogan as real as it gets.

Dan Severn Cemented it.

Rented UFC2 on a lark and was hooked ever since.  Raw combat, no holds or hits barred (except biting and eye gouging).  No part of the body off limits, just bring all you've got and see who's best.  I wish it would still be as real.

Friends talked about it and then I saw one of the early UFC's.

Royce made me a fan.

Seen UFC 2 and liked it, but became a "fan" after seeing some young kid with a dorky haircut named Jeremy Horn take the champ Frank Shamrock to the limit.


That started it all...

the idea of martial arts competition under open rules were good enough for me

i heard about UFC 1 shortly after i ordered UFC 2 and the rest is history

Royce and more specifically Royce versus Severn

First UFC's of course(Royce) but then lost touch with MMA. Then seen Saku fight and I was hooked again. I couldn't believe someone could put so much entertainment into a fight.

Saw UFC1, read Ken Shamrocks book, introduced some grappling into my training and BLAM. Hooked.

UFC 4.

Royce vs Severn.

In 1988 I saw my first Vale Tudo video from Brazil

I was hooked right away, but no one in my area was teaching MMA, so I started training MT and wreslted

I have been a fan ever since then

My buddy brought UFC 4 over... The way Royce made it look like beating whoever was a foregone conclusion... Then there I am watching Severn on top... We have all seen school yeard fights... the guy on top is winning, right??? But somehow, this big guy just can't get in a good punch... but he is really wearing down the little guy, so he is winning, right??? Then... what the hell just happenned???

Beleive it or not, I was also impressed with Jennum - the hip toss on Bowen, the fast armbar (even if the techniques was bad, it looked cool at the time).

And Oleg Verdecia will always rank as a defining moment for what MMA is to me (and Oleg/Tank will always be my favorite fight). I am with you Ryan...