What magazine subscriptions do you have?

Fake answers only

Big ‘Uns

Triangle Choked -

Big ‘Uns

Good Al Bundy reference.

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40 subscriptions to Vibe Magazine.

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Hocky -

40 subscriptions to Vibe Magazine.

I see what you did there 

ahaha actualy in all seriousness, I have 15 subscriptions. Lame, I know.

Guns and Ammo

Shooting Illustrated

Outside Magazine

Men's Journal

My subscription to Jugs magazine just ran out 

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National Geographic (51 years)


Texas Highways

What is a magazine?

Actual paper magazines?  None. 

Retro Gamer

oh fake? Gethro Rammer Illustrated

Tiger Beat

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I used to have about 20 magazine subscriptions a decade ago, I haven't even looked inside a magazine in years.

Motor Trend

Car and Driver

Track and Field

Popular Science

Popular Mechanics (I think its called)

WW2 Magazine (something like that, focuses on WWII wars and battles)

War (something like that, wars and battles in general)

Mother Earth News



More but I forget don’t want to think about it right now lol.

Redbook for Men

Whatever comes with an NRA membership. American something lol. I also get one for being a member of a Toyota off road club. Can’t remember it’s name either.



Used to have Roadkill but that got cancelled and I think they replaced it with Motor Trend or something.

I get some Red Bull magazine too.



So many:


Portable Restroom Operator 


Potato Review

Emu Today and Tomorrow

The Croquet Gazette

Miniature Donkey Talk

Cranes Today

Girls and Corpses 

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