what magazine?

I am looking to do some advertising in a magazine for a martial arts
billing service - www.mmabilling.com

I want to reach MMA/grappling school owners what magazine would you



I am not sure I could afford that :) I was going to go with grappling or

Body guard but didnt body guard change to tapout?


Yeah BodyGuard is now Tapout and actually I saw grappling is now "Ultimate Grappling"

i would only recomend those two, because they are actually popular.

If you want to advertise in the UK the main martial arts mags over here are : Fighters only,Combat and martial arts illustrated. As for the US Grappling,inside kung fu and black belt may be what you want


Check out Tapout--

They have a media package on the site in PDF format that gives you rates and also information as to distribution, etc.

Take out an Ad in balck belt.

Traditonal arts are not very functional for self defense, but a great cash cows.

Some times we have to do somthing we hate to pay for something we love.

Also look into advertising on a Rock Radio station.

I may try black belt - the main reason I was looking at a grappling
magazine is I believe it is more affordable. The billing service as a whole
has about 900 studios but as the VP of Sales only about 50 of those are
mine. I need to get atleast 100 so I need to start advertising more -
thanks for the help guys!