What makes a person injury prone?

Everyone knows AKA goes hard but so do a lot of other MMA camps.

Some guys have never pulled out of a fight,such as Chael Sonnen and BJ Penn.


That's is why many athletes are so superstitious and neurotic. Phone Post 3.0

Brown Pride tattoos Phone Post 3.0

Being an MMA fighter would probably be top of the list if we are just talking about people in general Phone Post 3.0

Squats Phone Post 3.0

...Pain tolerance
Past performances
Methods of training
Desperation for money
Training partners kinetics
Leisure activities

Life will kill ya Phone Post 3.0

It's a rough Sport to stay healthy in. 

some people have theorized an "injury" may really mean a failed drug test swept under the rug

that said, the way guys train today makes injuries look very easy to have

Previous injury history is the main indicator for any future injury. Phone Post

DBSH209 - E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

That's is why many athletes are so superstitious and neurotic. Phone Post 3.0
This. This is why i somewhat believe many guys are on performance enhancement. I dont want to believe but i myself have had so many debilitating injuries from boxing and i see my son getting injured in wrestling.

Its amazing to me these guys can put in the time they do and stay healthy. Esp after 30 yrs old and at hw Phone Post 3.0

Fear. Cain is a chicken it. At least the 2nd time he has pulled out from a Werdum fight.

Genetics mainly.
....and/or past injuries/compensations changing body structure/posture just enough that you become more susceptible to other injuries. Phone Post 3.0

Anek - 


Wear and tear and poor training.

So many AKA injuries and most of their fighters had long backgrounds in other combat sports like wrestling.

Luke Rockhold who didn't wrestle as much is much less injury prone Phone Post 3.0


These training videos made me cringe

I mean, I'm no trainer, but those leg extensions looked ridiculous... Who does that?

I believe a lot is mind set. If you worry about injuries, it'll eventually come into action. Phone Post 3.0

I think genetics and lifestyle play a big role. Good nutrition, hydration, not balooning up between fights, sleeping right. Once an injury appears they can snowball and quickly get chronic. Training smart helps. Stretching definitely helps. Phone Post 3.0