What makes Hughes a great champion

What, makes Hughes a great champion, and not just an average champion like BJ was; It's that great champions find the way to win. Maybe it's just there great heart, or will to win, or maybe It's some intangible something, but great champions find a way to win when the chips are down and all seems lost.

Many are saying if BJ hadn't gassed he would have won; maybe. But the fact is, Matt Hughes found the way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, BJ didn't, even though BJ had all the skills to win. It's that extra little something that separates great champions from average champions. Matt just needed someone to bring it out of him.

Just Like Ali needed Frazier, and Leonard needed Duran,
and Lidell needed Coture,Hughes needed BJ to make him a great champion.

you sir are correct


Monstrous self confidence, skill, talent. There is no quit in the guy. He knows that he can win even while enduring the most dire of circumstances. This win reminded me of when Trigg kicked him in the nuts, it looked really bad for awhile but Hughes made it through.