What makes Pro Wrestlers so tough!?

These guys are unreal! Their toughness, tenacity, and other traits are extraordinary! On top of that, they are in the road most of the time!

Drugs and alcohol.




Love for the game



It’s true, it’s true


Another side is it’s a performance. There is no ups and downs of winning and losing.


You win the NWA title in texas stadium from Flair in 84 and you tell me there aint no UP from that,dadday.


No need to elaborate. Good point and very easy to understand.

Winning a title in wrestling is basically the same thing in boxing/mma. They headline PPVs/Shows etc. They get more money being headliners, which eventually opens other avenues of income. Ala Cena, The Rock, Hogan and so on and so on. So yea he should of elaborated.

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Japanese training dojo for females


You can see the full scene below. Breaks the girls nose and jaw I believe. Watch at 2:30
From a documentary called “gaea girls” by an english university studying females around the world in which they are in typically “unfemale” roles or somethinf to that effect

If you can’t figure it out without further explanation then nothing short of drawing you a picture will help you understand. And I’m not sure you’d get it even with a picture.

You just typed out a bunch of nothing. Again please elaborate for a proper debate.

Exactly you have nothing to provide. There’s no ups and down emotionally, physically etc? Please elaborate on that very vague response.

I disagree with Barry sometimes, but you are just being rude for no real reason.

Jesus you’re an idiot. Can’t believe I’m even wasting my time on this but got nothing better to do atm and I’ll consider this my good deed for the day…

Do you not see the difference in what a ufc fighter on a 3 fight losing streak must have to deal with vs a pro wrestler on a 3 “fight” losing streak? Really???

I’m being rude because I’m familiar with this goof and he’s either pretending to be dumb or, more likely, is really dumb.

To not understand the point being made in the post being questioned shows an incredible lack of knowledge about real sports vs scripted events that involve very athletic and tough individuals.

Sorry if the truth hurts.

The truth doesnt hurt. Losing in the middle 123 front of your hometown crowd hurts, brother.