what mats to buy?

Know a gym that is looking for some mats. They are looking at Swain Mats and debating whether to get 1 1/2" or 2" mats. Thanks for any input.

Get zebra. Swains are made in china.

 2" for sure.

mt, where are the zebra mats made? everything is from china.

my zebras say "made in germany"


2" dollamur/swain flexi-roll.

there is NO better mat. it is the best mat i've rolled/thrown/been thrown on. it is soft enough to take good takedowns, but still maintains it's speed (i.e. it doesn't give and allows for great mobility on mat, not like rolling on a pillow).


Empire is correct.

2nd what empire said

Swain Flexi-roll's are amazing firm underfoot until your thrown then they give and absorb much of the impact and have no tatami grain to sand you down.

thanks guys

Flexi-rolls! FTW!

Best mats ever.

For those who rolled on FLEXI-ROLL, how do they compare to the Swain Mats (3x6) in your opinion? What if your gym offers striking? Do you think the smooth flexis are too slick?

I've always liked the swains myself. I've had doubts about the flexi roll. They just don't seem as high quality and they don't have the non-skid pad built in on the bottom.

Your thoughts?

 www.greatmats.com  I have gone on and on about them in previous threads.  Cheap and very good grappling mats.


They may be very unsafe for you intened use.

They are made with cross link foam. This foam does not have any energy absorbsion properties. It is used for example in gymnastic mats were you want a "rebound" If you do any thing where you will fall to the mat, Judo, wrestling, takedowns, BJJ, stand up you open yourself up to a tremendous risk and liability.

Get a sample of these type of mats: cross link foam, wrestling mat, and a rebounded foam mat (traditional tatimi) and drop a bowling ball on it and see for your self. The bowling ball with bounce like a basketball! An easy test before you make a big mistake.

John Graybeal