What MMA glove?

ATTN Forum members

I'm looking to buy some MMA gloves i have NEVER bought a pair and i always had lots to pick from for free so i don't know what size to get..

Here are a two i have considered..



What do you guys think?

also can you give me a size comparison to other fighters...

thanks for the help...lol

i went ahead and ordered a pair of fairtex gloves..

Shoulda got www.showdownfightwear.com

Next Move Fight Gear

owner Mark Wodika. email info@nextmove.com

Fairtex are good. My choice


i can't order from TXMMA.com pay pal doesnt have the country i bill my credit card to...

lol.. actually the island :)

those damn guam people, when you gonna catch up? =)

I say Ouano or Fairtex

Email Paul at txmma.com and I'm sure you guys can figure something out. His products are great and his customer service is better!



No. www.showdownfightwear.com damn it!


There's a very strong possibility that they're made by the same manufacturer and are exactly the same except for the name on the glove.

I work in trading goods and this is how it is with MANY items.

Kewl. I wonder if there is a shop that makes them for both. Who is the wholesaler?