What morote seoi nage is this?

At 0:27 and at 3:02....


Whatever it is, I like it.

Someone asked this on a previous post and I said I didn't know. I have only seen this at the highest levels of judo and done by the Japanese. It looks like same side gripping. I have no idea of the mechanics of this throw or have seen it demonstrated.

I randomly tried it last night in randori....well, more like got the grip I understood is necessary, and then failed to execute at all. Guess I don't understand the kazushi behind it.

I think I'll leave this one to the elite judoka of the world.

it is a wrong-side dump finish for morote seio. it feels a lot like a form of sode tsur komi goshi.

this works becuase the opponents know that seio is coming sooner or later. they try to block the throw by pulling up-- not that it is successful-- and when they do, the throw gets taken to the opposite side.

Thanks for the breakdown and embed, guys.