What Motivates You To Train?

I'd like to know what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning to do road work, or to go to fight class after a long day of work?  What is it that gives you that drive to take it to the next level when you feel more like doing nothing?

There must be some awesome motivations out there, what are they? 

For MMA- The challenge of knowing that on any giving day you can lose to anyone from one mistake. That drives me to train as much as possible and always work my ass off.

For Teaching- To make my students better than me or make them able to hang with me. I want to see my students succeed.

For my Charity Events- Listening to the trolls or people thinking I am scamming people or not going to follow through. They motivate me to prove them wrong, and I bust my ass even more to embarrass them as well as make more money for the St. Judes Hospital. Another motivation is putting MMA in the proper light. Showing the community what MMA is all about.



"Ironically, one could say, once I get on the mat, I achieve a state of peace that I do not find anywhere else. When I'm there, nothing else in the world matters- schoolwork, overdue bills, problems in social/romantic (or lack thereof, lately :) life, nothing"

damn that is true


Thanks for that, that is awesome and sometimes I feel the same way.  Best Wishes to you man. 

MMA-Love going out there and fighting.

Work-Kids give me a desire to fight sometimes, just playing, I like kids but it also works with school sched.

College-I like learning new things and a degree is nice to have when you go for a job.

I like to think of it as a form of enlightened masochism.

I want to have my own school and i dont want to suck

BJJ - The hope that one day, a girl will turn up to class, because I've never touched one before, and she will love me because I'm the best looking in the class

Work - Money. Pure and simple.

Get out of bed - the fact that I'm lucky enough to be alive on this beautiful planet in such a beautiful country.

to kick butt and take names! in a polite way.

What motivates me to train?

I have no freak'n idea. Yet I train and train hard.

Chicks dig my 6 pack.

just rolling is fun

Its the only thing I love and have a drive for, other than jiujitsu im a worthless sack of shit

Honestly I am a competitive and physical person. I sit here at my desk all day waiting for the physical and mental pressure that training put on me. I get frustrated and the training and mates at the club take all that away. I also sleep better going to bed tired and beaten from a hard training session.

my wife says may dad must have really "warped my mind" when I was a kid telling me "MEN HAVE TO BE TOUGH" because I joined the marines out of highschool and now I love mma. Inm only 37 and she keeps asking me when im going to out grow this shit like its a bad habbit or something.

The thrill of victory!!!

I think that WaltJ's first post should be put onto the www.mma.tv homepage as the first thing you see or something. It was right on!

Yoshida and wanting to get in shape

If I don't train, how am I going to maintain what I've got or get better? Do I want to sit on my couch and become another stressed out, fat, boring, white, middle class has been?