What moves HURT the most?

If we can get some input from some of our experienced forum members on the topic, what wrestling moves and holds would you say hurt the most?

Now... obviously moves like the brainbuster have been banned due to serious injury, but what kind of basic, common wrestling moves hurt the most having to take the bumps? -even when both wrestlers execute the move correctly as should be?

I'm talking moves that will be around forever and are basic like the backbreaker or a snap suplex, moves like that.

Take for instance the piledriver. This move looks devastating to the audience, but if executed correctly, is there any significant amount of pain involved with taking that kind of bump?? -and I'm talking both wrestlers executing it perfectly. Everyone already knows that a piledriver causes serious injury if it is flawly executed.

I watch wrestling all the time, so you get wondering when you see a guy get bodyslammed or spinebusted if the move hurts to do or not.

Anything done by 12 year-olds that involves jumping off of a roof and attempting to land on tables

Probably the reversal to the figure four leglock.

For some reason, when the turns onto his stomach, that shit KILLS you.

I hear powerbombs from Khali feel like being gently placed on a bed of roses!

Abdominal stretch!!! That kills!!

Pearl River Plunge! by Ahmed Johnson

Back rakes!

I don't know, you can fake the figure 4 pretty good without any pain. I used to slap those on some kids back in like third grade, but they do hurt if you apply pressure.

Like John Cena's move the STFU. When he does it, it looks really fake because it looks too loose when he slaps it on. It doesn't even look like if he applied alot of pressure that it would hurt.

But really, I was talking more about regular, basic moves that hurt no matter what when you do them. When you're wrestling a guy and you're about to perform a certain move, which ones are you like 'oh shit, this bumps gonna hurt'? Like if you're about to get pedigreed or DDT'd or something. That way I can be like, "oh that guys tough right there, he just took a side russian leg sweep..." and then I can turn to the person next to me and say, "did you know those really cause alot of pain?"

Boston Crab

germans, and tiger-plexes, or the top rope 450 splashes, or swanton bomes that land full on

botched ones?

Death Valley Driver can't feel too great.

Honestly, did depends on how stiff the ring is as to whether a move hurts or not.

It can also depend on how they execute the move as well. I was wrestling this guy out of Florida several years back named Dagon Briggs. That dude hit a powerbomb on me but instead of doing the move so I landed on my back; he slung my head down towards his feet which spiked me on the back of my head. I'd taken many powerbombs over the years and that was the only one that really hurt.

"he slung my head down towards his feet which spiked me on the back of my head. I'd taken many powerbombs over the years and that was the only one that really hurt."

That shit's downright scary. Needless to say that could have easily been a broken neck if it is how I'm visualizing it.

That's what I'm talking about.

So from what I gather... you say it only hurt because the guy botched it, and in general powerbombs don't hurt all that bad if executed correctly.

See, that's really cool when you think about it, because to the average casual fan watching wrestling, powerbombs look devastating when performed.

So what move do you dread the most like, right before the other guy is about to do it? What move are you like, "oh shit this is gonna hurt"?

yeah, a back body drop doesn't look like it feels too good even when done perfectly. All your weight along with the momentum of the move crashing down on your back and neck like that.

It's funny you mentioned that because now that I think about it, you don't see the back body drops as often these days as you used to. That's probably a reason why because them fuckers hurt.

What the hell is a death valley driver? That sounds painful!

louie spicoli's finsher.

cena does a modified DVD, and by modified I mean a fucked up, pussy birtch firemans plop because he has no control

I'll have to go youtube Spicoli and check it out.

damn I just looked up and saw a vid where a guy fucks it up nearly breaks a dudes neck. Yeah I've seen Cena hit those before, and I know what you mean about him fucking them up too. Was that what he was attempting to do to Khali last monday?

hahaha if so theres no way he could ever do it.

Post the vid