What noone's saying on Beltran Vs. Barry *SPOILERS

It's essentially a fucking fight.

Barry won the fight. Round two was up in the air and Barry owned the 3rd round. Yes, it's a 10-9 scoring, but best case scenario for Beltran was a draw.

Barry had Beltran down and fucked by the end of round 3 and he won the fight. Justice served and good judging for a change, if you're a fan of fighting, not ultimate POINT SPARRING.

Barry won imo Phone Post

6 punches in 2 rounds?
UFC not Pride.

Body Shots - Barry won imo Phone Post


Throwing a half a dozen strikes in a round doesn't give you a round.

aKaBeasTTT - trolllololol
6 punches in 2 rounds?
UFC not Pride.

wtf is a kick?

Kicks, how do they work??? Phone Post

6 strikes. I meant strikes.