What now/do you have any exp?

I have had my blue belt for over 5 years now, I do bjj sporadically, I will always love it. Have you guys had a long layoff, what did you do to get yourself motivated? It is just so hard to get to class and it is so late blah blah blah.

I am only at the one year mark, but my motivation comes from 3 things. First, my instructor is awesome and will call you if you miss a class and guilt trip you like crazy! It works. Second, I am really competitive and everyone at my school is almost at my level. If I get better, I don't get thrashed. If I miss class they punish me with a technique that I didn't learn the week before. Third, I train for the next tournament. I have a tournament in 3 weeks and I want to do well....I HAVE to go to class!