What % of OGunNUTS are UNPREPARED for the END of EVICTION BAN?

just curious when “It Begins”???

ogMEN have CLASS and practice PRUDENT finances including SAVING from each paycheck while INVESTING in PROFITABLE ventures that secure their FAMILY through TOUGH times.

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TODAY: Gotta protect muh family…goin’ use muh TrumpCheck$ and BidenBuck$ to buy MORE GUN$

TOMORROW: can’t pay muh rent, goin’ get EVICTED

theres a reason no one except your alt account that types exactly like you do, cared to post in this thread. Faggot.

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Your shtick is tired. Find a new one.

I’m kind of waiting on this as I’m looking to buy a house or condo. Prices should really go down when all that happens. Kind of shitty I guess, but some eat while some starve in these situations.

Americans Are Spending Their Stimulus Checks On Guns-----

Eh, I was making funny of his shtick.

and you’re back to making troll threads.

Is this because your 1 real thread that was actually interesting was such a bust because you’re such a fucktard?

now you’re stuck between trolling and making real threads… I know you just want attention… but is this the attention you want?

you’re like the high school girl who dresses slutty and says dumb things so the boys will pay attention

Cary on

Sorry, I was being mean to the OP. Find a different troll, this one is getting old.

I have my GUN$ because I am AFRAID of when all these peasants get EVICTED they will come to my house and TRY to use the SPARE bedroom.

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do not try to reason with uneducated whites deplorables! You are either with them or against them!

lol sorry!

ugghh, the MOANING…I think there was a time-warp INCREASING the MANOPAUSE during the Forum Mutation. Today’s Forecast: HOTFLASHES!

but they will have GUN$ too because they spent their TrumpCheck$ and BidenBuck$ on GUN$ and their NUMBERS are GREATER!

My tenants are behind $5000…
im back keanu reeves GIF


buying GUN$ instead of using the TrumpCheck$ and BidenBuck$ for Food/Shelter is a very Uneducated Whites thing to do!

So glad I sold my rental.

I wonder if they Bought MORE GUN$???

Too bad the mods keep allowing these alt accounts to exist