What OG Pair Could Win The Amazing Race?

Who could we pair up to win the Amazing Race?

Chesty and Fraser

IDOHARM and Johnny Drama

Honestly, I bet Nader and DBT could do well as a couple

let me be with any of the OG females and i know i will finish first!



This is really a tough decision for a variety of factors.

1. if the race had a stop off in Thailand it's game over for at least 75% of you sumbitches due to banging trannys

2. allot of us would be in jail the first stop for getting into it with the natives for "NOT SPEAKING FUCKING ENGLISH"!

My daughter keeps telling me my brother and I should enter it. Problem is he and I would be in jail the first leg for stealing a cab and going road rage on some people. We are every bit the bad American tourist. Yelling at people to speak english, bitching about how their country sucks compared to the US. It would be bad lol