What Oleg fight is this?


Cant figure out what show this pic is from. Any ideas?

2nd pic:


Not a fight. Its from a movie shoot.

That's Jon Murphy on the right.

no idea

ah thanks.

Looks like he's fighting Ogie Oglethorpe from "Slap Shot"

"Not a fight. Its from a movie shoot."


looks like a thin Harley Race.

PS the other guy looks like a fat Oleg Taktarov.

Hahaha. Thank God my hair doesn't look like that anymore...

This is from a movie shoot I did with Oleg back in June of '06 at StrikeForce (Belfort vs. Overeem). Oleg's a great guy by the way. I had a great time working with him and he's just all-around fun to be around...

Haha, I miss my "Chops"...