What one fight are you most looking forward to??

Believe it or not, I'm really looking forward to Joanna vs Claudia! There is legit hate there, and they are easily the two best women fighters on the planet! I wish they'd replace this fight with the Tate/Nunes fight on 200! Phone Post 3.0

Dillishaw v Assuncao should be a solid fight. I'm also keen to see how Aldo bounces back and if Hunt can sleep Lesnar.

That being said I'll be watching every single fight next week keenly. Phone Post 3.0

Jones/DC 2

Legacies are on the line.

Sorry I should have stated any fight this next week! Phone Post 3.0

Well I'm fairly certain that if DC beats Jones, Jon will get an immediate rematch... Phone Post 3.0


pretty crazy Brock Hunt is next week seems like they just announced it.

Claudia/joanna and jones/dc

The Mountain vs The Hound Phone Post 3.0

Alvarez vs. RDA

Joanna vs. Claudia

Roy Nelson vs. Derrick Lewis

It's gonna be interesting to see Will Brooks in the UFC cage against a UFC fighter with tons of experience in Ross Pearson, especially after Chandler's KO win.

For some reason Brock's return doesn't get me too excited, because it seems like a one and done deal.

Jouban's an action fighter always aggressive.

Irish Joe Duffy isn't being talked about after he lost his last one, but he's got a lot of upside still.

Lot of low key matchups that are important fights to lesser named guys that still have tons of talent..These hungrier fighters are often out to make a name for themselves, they know a highlight reel victory is a chance for a life changing bonus. Shit even in defeat you can get fight of the night.

These smaller shows are where McGregor made his mark, hell he made his UFC debut on FUEL TV.

That's hard!!!! If I had to choose 1, then Conor v Nate 2.

Also can't wait for Jose V Frankie.
Keen to see how Aldo returns.

I want to be excited for DC to beat Jones but just can't visualize it unfortunately...
Been burned too many times onboard the anti Bones express.

Joanna vs Claudia will be crazy. I think whoever loses their cool first will lose.

And of coarse looking forward to watching Sage again (insert boner) Phone Post 3.0

Forgot about Hunto. Always a joy. Phone Post 3.0

There is like 35+ fights aren't there.  The obvious ones are, well....obvious but the sleeper to me is the Nelson v Lewis fight.  That thing is going to end up with the ref  emphatically waving his hands.

RDA v Alvarez

Been a fan of Eddie's since the bodog days, when he punched Aaron Riely's face inside out. One of those guys I always thought could be a UFC champ, like 10 years ago. Phone Post 3.0

There are so many great match ups this week! Can't pick one Phone Post 3.0

Big country/Lewis Phone Post 3.0