What online resources are you using/recommending?

What are you using and liking nowadays?

  • Bjj fanatics?
  • Anyone still use MGInaction?
  • AOJ?
  • Rogers’s?
  • Andre’s?
  • Braulio’s?

Just curious what folks are using and getting value from. Thx for any feedback!

Lachlan Giles submeta

I only have the grappler’s guide. it has so much info I don’t see how anyone could ever get through it. I don’t use it constantly but if something comes up during a roll I want to learn a bit more about I will. I have been wanting to go through their fundamentals course


I use jiujitsu-x mostly, but I only have a few from them. William Tackett’s half guard is gold. I also have Gabe Tuttle’s butterfly one. I have Murilo Santana’s pressure passing on fanatics but have yet to watch it. I loved MGinaction when I had it.

As a side note I bought Grapplers Guide, its kinda a one stop shop, love the content they post. I don’t get huge into instructionals, I find them boring and I don’t think they help THAT much.

Between the handful I have, GG and a few guys I follow on YT I don’t think I need much more.

I hear this guys shit is gold! :wink:

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Isn’t that the guy who smashed the Miyaos?

LOL… that old guy?
you’re too kind.