What other eras were as bad/worse than the PG era?

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This era isn't perfect, but it is far from the worst.  Do people really want to hear dick jokes and shock humor in 2012?


Again, The Karate Kid is PG and it is the best movie ever.  So is Pee Wee's Big Adventure. 

Home Alone 2 was PG... just throwing that out there

Fair enough, but a few things.

This era saw CM Punk's shoot and then leaving with the title (though that could have been better) as well as Kane, and D Bry, and other things.

Also, could we get a break down of eras?  At least in this lifetime?

1984-? The Hogan, Savage, Steamboat era?

1990-? Warrior beating Hogan, Harts, Demolition,.....

Mid 90s era?



What would we call the era(s) between Attitude and now?

That is very true B.

Was just wondering, because we have defined The Attitude and PG Era.

Many feel that one was the best and the other was the worst or close to it. 


We have no real definition or timeline of the other eras, yyyyaa ya dig?

84-90 The Hogan Era
90-97 the new generation
97-2001 the Attitude Era/Monday night wars

2002-2008 What I personally cal the "New Era" with WWE name change and it being the only Major company

2008-present PG Era Phone Post

80s: Golden Era/Rock n wrestling
90-94: kind of a deadzone, not sure what to call it.
94-96: New Generation Era/Start of the Bischoff era in WCW with him stealing lots of old WWF guys.
97-01: Attitude Era
96-98: WCW's boom period (NWO era I guess?)
99-01: WCW's decline
02-08: Ruthless Aggression Era
08- Present: PG Era

Although according to wiki we are actually now in the "reality era" and have been for over a year... Phone Post

SaintVon Barksdale - Still prefer McMahon Helmsley era vs. Ruthless Aggression...which is just a name masking what it really was: the McMahon-Helmsley era. That was a shoot b.

Lol true, "ruthless aggression" never really meant anything. Its not like the product was ruthlessly aggressive compared to before. Phone Post

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JustPeed - wwf 96 still had Shawn Nicheals tearing down the house putting on A+ matches for the main.event every night. Phone Post


There was a hell of a lot more garbage like Ahmed Johnson, The Godwinns, Sparky Plugg, the Stalker, the Executioner, Farooq as a Roman gladiator and a storyline about Jeff Jarrett lip synching his theme tune than there was good stuff like Austin, Bret and Shawn. It was the last year before the WWF finally started to push in a new direction.


I see what you're saying, but 1996 had such huge moments that I can't consider it among the worst.

Bret vs. Shawn at WM
The beginning of the Austin era and the era of fans liking the heels
Shawn's unbelievable run
Vader looking like a monster heel for a few months
Goldust's best run
HBK vs. Mankind in September
The beginning of Undertaker's evolution as a character when he broke away from Paul Bearer
Sunny being hot as shit
The first Bret vs. Austin match
Roddy Piper as WWF president
Triple H being buried. When was the last time we saw that?

I know there was a lot of crap like the Goon and TL Hopper, but that was midcard shit that was discarded after a few weeks. I was an 11-year-old kid getting into wrestling heavily for the first time, so I have a lot of nostalgia about 1996. Phone Post

discroll speaks the truth. I agree totally Phone Post

1995 seemed like they were debuting somebody every week.

Waylon Mercy


Henry Godwin 

Fatu (Rikishi's gimmick about getting out of the hood) 

Man Mountain Rock




Kama the supreme fighting machine 

many many more... seemed every Raw had a new vignette hyping up somebody's debut

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And dont forget WM that year being HEADLINED by erm...Bam Bam Bigelow V Lawrence Taylor. Almost 18 years later I still cant get over that.

Hey, I attended that WrestleMania! Hartford, CT.

The end of WCW, when they put the belt on Scott Steiner (the only person that could be bothered to show up for work), give him the mic, and he'd go off in roid-induced rants towards Flair and wrestling in general. Dude couldn't form a coherent thought. What was the saying then, regarding Steiner?



"Why don't you try to convince Diamond Dallas Page to get a sex change, so he has enough balls to come out here and face me?"

"He's supposed to be the limousine-ridin', jet-flyin' son of a gun, but I'm sayin' ONE TIME, you shoulda took a cab and used that money to fix your crooked, yellow teeth!" Phone Post

"Now if WCW would hire nature boy no2..why wont they hire the ORIGINAL nature boy Buddy Rodgers....now I know Buddy Rodgers is dead God rest his soul....but Ric Flair, YOUR CAREER IS DEAD"

"So when you walked down that isle last week, I know I wasnt alone, cause the people at home all they did was grab the remote, change the channel to the WWF and watch Stone Cold"

In anyone elses hands its a microphone, in Scott Steiners hands its a pipe bomb. Phone Post

I just watched a whole episode of Nitro from 2000 (dunno what compelled me to do this) and not only did it seem better than if did back then...but I actually found it more enjoyable than the last Raw :o


I'm shocked, back in the day this shit seemed so bad it was hard to believe they were being serious, but now i'm thinking that its maybe more because the WWF was so awesome back then.


Judge for yourself, this is the episode I watched.




Is this really any worse than last nights Raw?