What paint does the OG recommend?

We're closing on our house tomorrow and we want to paint two of the bedrooms. Since these are kids bedrooms, they're weird colors like purple and pink.

We want to get a paint and primer in one since we'll be doing it ourselves and don't feel like spending days on this project. I've heard Behr sucks, and Valspar is ok. I'd like to go with Benjamin Moore, but it's crazy expensive compared to others. Is it worth it, or should we go with a cheaper paint? Phone Post 3.0

I've had the best luck with Benjamin Moore, like you said it is pricey though.

I used BM on my daughter’s room.  It’s really good paint but I won’t buy it again.  Maybe if I were better at painting I would, but I can mess up mid-grade paint just as well.

I also like benjamin moore. Texture stays even (provided that your surface is good), durable, easy to clean and great coverage.

I use behr or valspar but I get the kind with primer in it. I though it was bs but haven't had any issues. Phone Post 3.0

I would go lead based if possible.

You ask 10 painters what they like to use and you're likely to get 10 different answers. I'm a contractor. FWIW, my guys LOVE the Behr Ultra (it is a primer/paint combo).

It's all in the prep work. A well prepped room can make even the cheapest paint look good. Make sure you spackle, sand caulk and clean prior to painting. The main difference in the cheap paint and the expensive stuff is the percentage of titanium dioxide. The higher the percentage the better the paint will adhere and look on the wall. Sherwin Williams would be my choice. Phone Post 3.0

I still swear by Sherwin Williams paint Phone Post 3.0