What People Don't Realize about Diversity

I knew that


Total horseshit. Had a poster of astronauts on his bed but didn’t think he’d be an astronaut. Totally believable.

Diversity is mainly a hindrance for everyone.

Diversity with crews is a huge problem. If they try to put a transman on Mars, the crew will be the Disneyclub on estrogen. Quotas will be more important than skill. But above all, the crew will be for months in a sardine can surrounded by vast nothingness. Only in movies does it work out fine to be surrounded by a bunch of totally foreign people.
The Chinese laugh about our stupidity.


Its hard to have an opinion on this guy and what hes saying without a little more context. To me, he sounds kind of like a faggot millennial who needs to explain and react to everything, and to his obvious credit, he’s been successful, and that success seems to have given him a voice here, but those 2 old men had looks on their faces kind of like mine, like this kids done great and is prob a good guy, but he also kind of thinks hes special and wants to hear himself talk

I dont think I heard him say that his family was recent immigrants, but he seemed to be alluding to that or just that looking Asian in general means you arent as easily inclined to imagine all your options. Its true for obvious reasons and a great testament to America and all other countries where equal financial and human rights are guaranteed for all that it come be done by anyone, but its up to the individual and their families to supply the imagination needed to have and pursue a dream. Sometimes it doesnt happen fast enough for some viewers, so they try to engineer diversity instead of maintaiing opportunity, with poor results.

Tbf he’s more special than 99 percent of Americans, never mind the world. But don’t take my word for it, take Jocko:

Jonny Kim has one of the most impressive resumes I think you can possibly have, and he doesn’t need to score woke points to impress anybody, so I’ll assume he’s being sincere here.