What percent of people are useless pieces of shit?

hard times make hard men and women

hard men and women make soft times

soft times make soft men and women

—> you are here <—

soft men and women make hard times

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Editing that cliched quote to include women already shows we are in the softest of times LOL


i edited it for a typo

it said “bitch face cheddar man” instead of “women” but it didn’t flow right

Try it with lil cheese dick

hard times make hard men and lil cheese dick

hard men and lil cheese dick make soft times

soft times make soft men and lil cheese

—> your lil cheese dick is here <—

soft men and lil cheese dick make hard times

much better

But he has a point. Since when did we ever need “hard women” ? And what kind of creatures are “hard women”, exactly ?

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i legit simply thought that was the quote

Truly fucking useless is probably one in every work force, but some are trainable and others are dummies who are usually related to someone high up

Well depends who you’re comparing yourself to and what guidelines you follow.

Ill make an assessment of myself. If you rate my work ethic against MOST people who are collecting, hanging out on the corner until all hours of the night etc. I probably look pretty good next to them.

On the flip if you put me next to Tim Kennedy who has 3-4 businesses, has time to workout everyday, spend time with his family, active Military, Ranger, UFC fighter etc. I look like a piece of shit.

np, but again his point stands. In other words, you remember it wrong because it’s due to the fact that our White culture has been poisoned.

Women can’t be hard. Because hard men simply take soft men’s women away and these women simply make the best out of their new circumstances. In a way they are happy a more dominant male has driven of the cuck. And this is attested in history again and again and again.
BLM, trannie story hour, the million jewish lobbies, flooding the west etcetera are all shit tests in a woman’s eye. They don’t give a crap about politics. They always go with the flow even though they can parrot the line like no other. They also break more easily if society is dissonant and degenerate, though.

This would end up looking like a Perado chart.

You are a soft man that just assumes we need hard women. Feminism has seeped so far into the recesses of your brain you dont even realize its there, distorting your memory.

Define useless pieces of shit. I’d start with the US prison population? x4 for the fucks that should be behind bars. So about 2% of the US.

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